Safe Environment

We Are a Safe Environment Parish!

St. Ann Catholic Parish in accordance with the Diocese of Charleston’s Office of Child and Youth Protection program pledges to provide a safe environment for our children and all vulnerable adults. All employees, and volunteers over the age of 18 who have any contact with minors (under the age of 18) or vulnerable persons, must be Safe Environment Compliant.

Safe Environment Compliant Documentation: 

  1. Safe Haven online training – this prevention and awareness training course is required for all Parish Staff and Volunteers. Upon completion of the course, please print out the certificate and provide a copy to the Office of Safe Environment. This training is valid for 5 years.
    We encourage everyone to take this online training to learn to recognize the signs of sexual abuse. It is the responsibility of all to be the eyes of this Parish and protect our children.
  2. Background Screening Forms - Everyone must complete pp. 1 – 3. The driving* application form (p.4) and the credit authorization form (p. 5) must be completed ONLY if applicable based on your employee/volunteer duties. Additional documentation for the Driving Application is necessary, please read the form completely. Background Screenings are valid for 5 years. 
    *Anyone completing the Driving Application must also watch the Defensive Driving video on the Safe Haven website. A copy of this certificate MUST be provided to the Office of Safe Environment. This certificate does not have an expiration date. 
  3. Acknowledgement of the Policy Form – after reviewing the Policy Concerning Allegations of Sexual Misconduct please print the acknowledgement form and bring it to the St. Ann Parish office where you can sign it and have it witnessed. This form does not expire, unless a revision is released. 
  4. Code of Conduct – also part of the above Policy, print the Code of Conduct form, sign and return to the St. Ann Parish office. This form does not expire, unless a revision is released.

In addition, St. Ann asks all employees & volunteers to complete the Diocesan Policy Regarding Confidentiality and Abiding by Catholic Principles form. This form can be picked up in the St. Ann Parish office or can be requested by contacting the Safe Environment Coordinator, Barbara Lewis,  843.661.5012, or by email: This form does not expire, unless a revision is released.

ALL documentation above MUST be turned into the Office of Safe Environment for processing and record keeping. Please return all documents to the St. Ann Parish office in a sealed envelope labeled “Office of Safe Environment.” For the documents requiring a witness you can sign these forms when you drop them off at the office.

Safe Environment Coordinator

Barbara Lewis


Safe Environment Compliant Documentation required:

Safe Haven online training certificate

Completed Background Screening Forms

Signed Acknowledgement of the Policy Form

Signed Code of Conduct

Forms are available in English and Spanish.
Todos los formularios están disponibles en español.

General information as well as information on how to report an allegation or victim assistance can be found at Diocese of Charleston Office of Child and Youth Protection

All forms can be accessed by clicking on the links. They are also available at the St. Ann Parish office or by contacting Barbara Lewis, St. Ann's Safe Environment Coordinator, 843.661.5012.

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