Councils, Committees, Ministries & Organizations

Ministries at Saint Ann Parish


Altar Servers

Altar servers have important role of assisting the priest at all Liturgical Celebrations in the Church.....

Training is provided for this special liturgical role.  For those who serve regularly, an appreciation event of fun is given and the servers have input in deciding what event will occur.  Those preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation are expected to take part in this or some other ministry for which they are qualified.  This ministry is open to those who are at least (10) years of age and have received First Holy Communion.

Contact: Altar Server Training Coordinator: Deacon Robert L. Cox, III, St. Ann Parish Office, 843.661.5012.


Annulment Case Assistance

This ministry is for individuals who need assistance in seeking an annulment for a former marriage through the Church.

Contacte: Mr. Francois Barcomb, St. Ann Parish Office, 843.661.5012.


Bereavement Committee

The Bereavement Committee, comprised of members of St. Ann Ladies Guild,  offers assistance to parish families after the death of a loved one; assists in preparing for the funeral and vigil service; and, attends the funeral as a group.

Adults interested in this ministry receive periodic training. 
the Bereavement Committee provides food to bereaved families or requests memorial Masses for the deceased.

Approximately one month after a funeral, a committee member follows up to determine if the family needs further assistance; writes notes of support and comfort to the family; and provides information about grief counseling services and seminars.

Contact: Sue Cox, St. Ann Ladies Guild, St. Ann Parish Office, 843.661.5012.


Code Red Committee

The mission of the Code Red Emergency Response Team Ministry, through its network of volunteers, is to safeguard the parishioners and clergy of St. Anne Catholic Parish and to protect those parishioners during times of accident, medical incidents, and disruption of church services.  We aspire to turn compassion into action so that all may benefit from our training, and that anyone injured or ill receives support and comfort; there are always trained individuals nearby, ready to use their preparation and skills to save lives.

Contact: Linda Windon,


Disaster Relief Team

The goal of the Disaster Planning Team is to reduce human suffering. The plan is to allow the members of St. Anne's Parish to meet the spiritual, emotional, and human needs of the parish family, should a disaster strike. Being prepared can greatly lessen the traumatic effects experienced both during and after the disaster. The Disaster Relief Team does not duplicate the efforts of any government agency active in emergency assistance.  



Please click this link for updated information on any current storm or emergency situation. 

Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers

The distribution of Communion at Mass is an honor for all of us as we are given the opportunity to bring Christ literally and physically to others at Mass and to those who are in hospitals, at home, or otherwise unable to attend Mass.

Ministers must first receive brief training and will be installed at Mass.

Contact: Mrs. Mary Barcomb, 843.282.6986.


Helping Hands Outreach Ministry

Meets the Third Thursday of each month at the home of the Kiessling's.

Contact: Mrs. Sandy Kiessling, St. Ann Parish Office, 843.661.5012.



The proclamation of Sacred Scripture at Mass begins to fulfill our Great Commission: "to go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations... teaching them to observe all that [Jesus] commanded" (Matt 28: 19).  Mindful that this ministry was once reserved to the clerical state, the laity are invited to take a more active role in the liturgy of the Mass.  

Training is provided for lectors who will be installed at a Mass before their ministry begins.

Contact: Mrs. Mary Barcomb, 843.292.8986. 


Music Ministry

The goal of music ministry is to enhance our liturgical participation and worship of God and Father of our LORD Jesus Christ  Music ministry has many different opportunities to return to the LORD the gifts and talents that He has given to us: instrumentalists, choir members, and cantors.

St. Ann's offers youth and adults opportunities to cantor at every weekend Mass, funeral Masses and weddings.  Practice is generally held on Thursdays, 5:00 PM, and one hour before each scheduled weekend liturgy.

St. Ann's offers a volunteer SATB choir for seasonal liturgies including Advent, Christmas, Holy Week and Easter, with practices for 90 minutes generally held on Thursdays, 6:00 PM.

Contact: Mr. Jeff Walsh, Music Director, St. Ann Parish Office, 843.661.5012.


Prayer Group

Members of the St. Ann Prayer Group meet weekly on Wednesdays, following daily 12:00 PM Holy Mass in the St. Ann Parish Life Center to pray for our Holy Father, Pope Francis; for our Clergyl; For Our Seminarians; for our Religious; for your intentions; for the intentions of those on our parish prayer list, for the deceased in our parish.

Contact: Mrs. Polly Price, 843. 230.3516


St. Martin dePorres Outreach Food Pantry Ministry

St. Martin dePorres Food Pantry is one of the many outreach programs supported by the parish families at St. Ann's to minister to the needs of families in the Florence area--named after the patron saint of interracial harmony and charity--St. Martin De Porres.

Our ministry was started in 1964 by three religious sisters who ensured that the doors of Ann Catholic Parish were open to everyone regardless of age, race, sex or religious affiliation. To this day, the St. Martin De Porres Outreach Food Pantry Ministry contnues to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the same charism. Through interdominational community partnerships, parishioners, and USDA support, we provide supplemental food and emergency assistance to all in need, infirmed and disabled.

St. Martin dePorres is OPEN Tuesday & Wednesdays of Each Week, 9:00-11:00 AM

The USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Contact: Mrs. Pat Bromley, St. Ann Parish Office, 843.661.5012.


Visitation Committee

Members of the St. Ann Visitation Committee visit weekly with parishioners that are either in a nursing facility, hospital, or homebound.  They take Communion, and a warm, friendly smile.  If you are in need of this ministry,  please contact St. Ann Parish Office, 843.661.5012. 

Contact: Karen Parker at 843.669.2959 or call the St. Ann Parish Office


Welcoming Committee

Members of our Welcoming Committee are out front every weekend greeting visitors and parishioners alike.  They are always there to make you feel at home and answer any questions you may have about our parish.

Contact: Mary Jane Weir, St. Ann Parish Office, 843.661.5012.


Knights of Columbus, Council 5194

Meets: 3rd Degree Social & Business Meeting, Second Tuesday of Every Month, St. Ann Parish Life Center; 4th Degree social & Business Meeting, Fourth Tuesday of Every Month, St. Ann Parish Life Center;

Contact: Phil Payment, Grand Knight,



St. Ann Women's Cursillo meets every Tuesday morning, 10:00 AM, in the Memorial Library.

Contact: Mrs. Mary Barcomb, St. Ann Parish Office, 843.661.5012

St. Ann Men's Cursillo meets every Tuesday morning, 10:30 AM, in the Memorial Library.

Contact: Deacon Robert 'Bob' L. Cox, 843.661.5012.


Legion of Mary

Meets Weekly on Tuesdays, at 12:30 PM, following the daily Holy Mass, in the Memorial Library of the St. Ann Parish Life Center.

Contact: Deacond Robert 'Bob'. L. Cox, St. Ann Parish Office, 843.661.5012.


St. Ann Book Club

Meets every Monday morning, 11:30 AM, St. Ann Memorial Library.

Contact: Mrs. Kathy Lewis, or Mrs. Sandy Kiessling, St. Ann Parish Office, 843.661.5012.


St. Ann Ladies Guild

Meets Second Wednesday of Evey Month, September through May, 6:00 PM, in the St. Ann Parish Life Center.

Contact: Mrs. Sue Cox, President, St. Ann Parish Office, 843.661.5012.


Meets Thirs Wednesday of each month for grouping, fellowship & dinner, St. Ann Parish Life Center.

Contact: Deacon Robert 'Bob L. Cox, St. Ann Parish Office, 843.661.5012.


Advisory Councils and Committees


The Parish Finance Council

The Finance Council is comprised of parishioners appointed at the discretion of the pastor.

The Finance Council functions as an advisory committee to assist the pastor in the responsible planning and administration of all parish financial matters and to set parish financial policies and procedures. Specific duties may include:

  • Reviewing the parish accounting functions;

  • Establishing and maintaining internal controls;

  • Preparation and monitoring of the parish budget;

  • Preparing quarterly and annual financial reports;

  • Assisting with parish stewardship, cash management, and related duties.

Skills required for candidates appointed to the Parish Finance Council at the discretion of the pastor may (but are not limited to) include business, accounting, or financial background.

Resources: Diocesan Parish Finance Council Handbook

Contact: Fr. JohnBosco Duraisamy, Pastor & Presider

St. Ann Parish Office, 843.661.5012


The Parish Pastoral Planning Council

The Pastoral Planning Council consists of registered members of the parish community appointed by the pastor to serve three year terms.  

The Pastoral Planning Council serves as an advisory group to the pastor:

  • In sharing ideas and concerns of fellow parishioners at the monthly meetings

  • To discuss issues that the pastor brings to them;

  • Coordinates initiatives as requested by the pastor.

A summary of major topics will be published in the Sunday bulletin.


Contact: Fr. JohnBosco Duraisamy, Pastor and Presider

St. Ann Parish Office, 843.661.5012.


The Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee consists of registered parishioners with expertise in some area of architecture, engineering, maintenance or construction.

This group provides professional advice and suggestions to the pastor relative to building renovation and major repairs of parish property.

The Committee meets every four to eight weeks.

An understanding of architecture, engineering, maintenance and construction is a benefit, but not necessary for membership. Volunteers should have an interest in developing the parish campus.

Contact: Fr. JohnBosco Duraisamy, Pastor & Presider

St. Ann Parish Office, 832.661.5012

Maintenance Supervisor: Mr. Fran Barcomb, St. Ann Parish Office, 843.661.5012




Mass Schedule

Weekend Schedules

Saturday Vigil: 5:00 PM
Sunday: 8:00 & 11:30 AM;

Daily Schedules

Weekdays: Tuesday - Friday, 12:00 PM

Holy Day Schedules

Vigil Masses 6:00 PM; Holy Day, 7:00 PM


Saturday 4:30-4:45PM or by appointment.
*Check Bulletin for Each Week's Schedule*

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