SCCC Presidential Comparison 2020: Analysis

Side by Side Analysis of the Candidates & the Issues

From the Office of the Bishop

Diocese of Charleston


SCCC Presidential Comparison 2020

Side-by-side Analysis of the Candidates & the Issues


Tuesday, September 15, 2020


As Catholics, we are called to engage in the public square and work for the common good. On Nov. 3, voters across the United States will head to the polls to elect a president and their representatives in Congress.


The South Carolina Catholic Conference (SCCC), in conjunction with other state Catholic Conferences, has produced this election's Presidential Comparison 2020a side-by-side analysis of the two major party presidential candidates and where they stand on issues. The chart is drawn from the candidates' campaign websites and news accounts. It is available to download in English and Spanish, and additional voter education resources are also available at the link.


As a reminder: we are to instruct the faithful in forming their consciences on issues, not on a specific party or politician.

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